Help to Restore Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Forest Canopy!
Our mission is simple: More trees! We believe strongly that increasing the size and diversity of our forest canopy will benefit our country and the environment. Since 1979, Ohio Valley Forestry Fellowship members and volunteers have planted over 120,000 tree seedlings in Southwest Ohio urban centers, roadsides, parks, farmland and surrounding communities. OVFF volunteers have prepared and distributed nearly 400,000 seedlings at our annual March tree giveaway. We’ve teamed with schools, libraries and civic organizations to educate children on the value of healthy forests and tree canopy. We have assisted farmers to convert marginal farmland and pasture to healthy forest, and have partnered with the Department of Transportation to plant hundreds of tree seedlings on southern Ohio highway interchanges.

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The Ohio Valley Forestry Fellowship is a proud member of the Green Umbrella Regional Sustainability Alliance and supporter of the Taking Root initiative to plant 2 million new trees in the Cincinnati area by 2020. Learn more about this exciting program at


OVFF is an Ohio 501c3 not-for-profit corporation. 100% of donations received from the public go directly toward funding our programsWith your $50 donation, we can plant or distribute up to 100 seedlings! If you choose to support the Ohio Valley Forestry Fellowship, send your tax deductible donation to the address listed below, or click "Donate" to make a secure online contribution. We greatly appreciate your contribution - in any amount - and thank you for your support.

The Ohio Valley Forestry Fellowship 

3434 Darwin Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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2019 Tree Order Form
We are distributing free trees again to Hamilton County Elementary Schools thanks to a generous donor! Please let us know how many trees you will need for your school by filling out this form. If you have time, join us in helping bag 3,500 trees and prep them for distribution. There will be free pizza, music and great conversations. If you cannot bag the trees, please pick them up at the bagging location. We also will be offering a delivery option for the following day.

The tree packing and distribution event will take place on Wednesday APRIL 3rd, 2019 at the Technical Facility for Glenwood Gardens at 377 Sheffield Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240 from 6-8 PM. Please do not confuse this with Glenwood Gardens.

                                                                                                        Great Job!
2018 Outstanding Stream Cooperator - Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District 
Tom Boeing Ohio Valley Forestry Fellowship
Outstanding Partnership in planning, supplying and guiding the 2018 Great Miami River Volunteer Tree Streaking Event

Taking Root, the Cincinnati-area initiative to plant 2 million new trees in the community by 2020, presented the Ohio Valley Forestry Fellowship with the prestigious 2015 Heritage Award! Great job to all the OVFF volunteers!

Have a lot  of seedlings to plant? Here is a proven method to quickly get seedlings into the ground. The procedure works best in teams of two, where one person works the shovel while the other volunteer sets the seedling in place. Very effective for most seedling types as long as the ground is not too hard.

How to plant a seedling - the Marietta "Dial-A-Rip Method